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Hi, I'm Ana-Maria, and I'm delighted you're here. Welcome to our cozy corner where tales of paws, adventures, and the magic behind capturing them through photography come to life. Stick around and let's share some stories!

A Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever smiling.


Pet Photoshoot – Choosing The Perfect Location

As an outdoor pet photographer based in beautiful Coquitlam, BC, I’ve had the joy of capturing countless “pawsome” moments in the stunning landscapes of the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley areas. One of the most common questions is, “Where should we do the photoshoot?” Choosing the perfect outdoor location for your pet photoshoot can significantly […]



Outdoor Pet PhotoShoot: A Comprehensive Guide

Suppose you’ve decided to capture your furry friend’s delightful charm and endearing personality in an outdoor setting. In that case, you’re probably wondering how to prepare your pet for an outdoor photoshoot. This essential guide is here to help with practical tips and advice to ensure you and your pet are ready for the big […]

A woman dressed in white kissing her dog who is sitting on top of a haystack.

Pet Photography

Why Investing in Professional Pet Photography is Worth Every Penny

When it comes to capturing your beloved pet’s playful spirit and unique personality, nothing quite matches the artistry of professional pet photography. Every pet owner knows the joy of having a four-legged friend scamper around the house, bringing boundless love, loyalty, and laughter. These cherished companions become part of the family, and we naturally yearn […]



Fine-Art Pet Photography

If you’ve ever found yourself lost in the soulful eyes of your furry friend, wishing you could immortalize their charm and whimsy, fine-art pet photography could be your answer. It’s not just about getting a quick snap of your pet on your phone but capturing their spirit and love for life in a professional, artistic […]


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